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Odiablog.com – quiz menschliches gefühl & какое ты человеческое чувство test, The majority of people who visit China on holidays want to visit people like Beijing, Shanghai and their main attractions such as the Terracotan Fighters and Chinese Walls, but if you want to feel the natural beauty of China then there is no place seems to be three canyon in the Yangtze river.

The world is famous for being one of the most beautiful parts of the Yangtze river, three canyon offers amazing views, symbols of natural beauty and important cultural sites in China.

If you are not too accustomed to this region and want to find out more than reading and get better insight about three canyons.

Quiz Menchliches Gefühl & кое ты человечесое чо 2022

Gorge Qabat is the first of three canyons and is considered by many people as the gateway to the Yangtze river. This canyon is the smallest of the three and the main attraction is the KUI gate, which is part of the river which is a home for high mountains on both sides of the river.

The second of the three canyon is Wu Gorge and is considered by the locals as the most charming of all canyons. This canyon is surrounded by an amazing mountains of forests and has become a place for many famous Chinese poems and stories.

The third and last canyon is the Xiling canyon, which is the longest of all canyon. Three cities are based on the edge of the Xiling canyon and since the new building from The Three Gorges Dam, the canyon has changed from a very dangerous stretch of river dubbed as “death passage” into a river that offers a protector and qualified waters.

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The area of ​​three Gorges has been famous not only because of its natural beauty but also because of the ranks of wildlife.

A total of more than 6,300 different plant species call three canyons to home and, according to conservationists, most of these species are endangered species as well.

It is also believed that the Yangtze river and three canyon have more than 360 species of fish and various types of animals that live on the banks of the Yangtze river.

If you’ve heard about three canyons then almost certainly you’ve heard about the dam.

Dam, which is located in the Xiling canyon, is the largest dam in the world and aims to produce electricity and aims to reduce flooding further in the river.

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